8 Best New Health Products That Dominated 2017

new health productsThe health and wellness marketplace is absolutely booming right now.

However, only some of these new products will stick around for long. We can’t say for certain which products will still be popular in a few years’ time. But we’re fairly sure about the items in the list below.

Here’s what we think are the 8 best new health products that have dominated 2017.

1. Inflammation-Fighting Foods

Getting your diet just right is important to be able to train effectively. Many hot new food trends emerged during 2017, with loads of new companies making their mark.

And what’s particularly popular at the moment – especially as winter sets in – are foods which fight inflammation.

Tomatoes, olive oil, nuts and fatty fish are all great at this. And these are all part of what’s been dubbed the ‘Mediterranean diet’, which has experienced a resurgence in popularity this year.

This diet has been associated with a lower risk of diseases such as cancer, and even a lower risk of death. It does mean giving up some red meat though, which might not be great if you’re trying to gain weight and muscle bulk.

So it’s not unusual for people to eschew the main parts of the diet and head straight for the supplements. Supplements enjoying popularity this year include good old-fashioned cod liver oil and omega-3 capsules.

2. Check Your Genes

Getting to know your body is a crucial part of knowing how to work out and eat sensibly and safely. So it’s great news that it’s now possible to check your genes to get what might be the best understanding of your own body you’ve ever had!

Based on your DNA and some personal data, Fitness Genes promises to produce a tailored workout system for you. All you need to do is provide a saliva sample in the post.

The system also provides advice on how to follow a balanced and safe nutritional plan. This caters to your body’s exact needs, as per your DNA sample. Really cool stuff.

3. Plant Proteins are Popular

Meat alternatives are becoming more and more popular as we move forward.

Vegetarian alternatives to meat are generally more environmentally friendly. And they can deliver all the protein you need with a fraction of the fat and salt content of, say, a regular burger.

Just one good example of this burgeoning health food industry is the award-winning Sweet Earth Foods. This Californian food company produces a huge range of vegetarian plant protein-based foods.

There’s also the Impossible Burger, whose creators claim to have perfectly mimicked the texture and taste of a normal burger.

But this is no normal burger – it’s 100% vegetarian, and uses 95% less land and 74% less water than a beef burger. It’s made from a combination of ingredients including potatoes, wheat, and coconut oil. Most intriguingly, it also contains a compound containing iron which is found in plants – and blood – called ‘heme’.

4. Activated Charcoal

There are now a number of producers supplying the market with activated charcoal products.

These help to detoxify the body, and in medical settings activated charcoal is sometimes used to help patients coping with the effects of a poison.

Activated charcoal can be found in products such as ice cream, coffee, pizza bases and burger buns.

But it’s not just food – activated charcoal face masks are also on the market, as well as sponges and even toothpastes.

5. Rebounders (Tiny Trampolines!)

A popular new training product comes in the form of rebounders, which are miniature trampolines designed for home workouts.

You can use them for low-impact work including yoga, aerobic exercises like running on the spot and low jumping.

We’re likely to see more gyms offering rebound classes in the future. And we also think that more people are likely to have them at home, as they not only offer an innovative training session, they’re great fun too.

After all, who wouldn’t like a good bounce from time to time?

6. Mindfulness and Meditation

Books on mindfulness and meditation have been popular new health products during 2017, and we expect the trend to carry on.

Though not part of a traditional workout, taking stock of things and clearing your mind can do wonders for your health.

If you fancy giving it a shot, try clearing your mind after a workout – think of it as working your mind out after your muscles.

7. Post-Workout Supplements

To be fair, post-workout supplements didn’t arrive in 2017. But as they’re guaranteed to still be a big thing next year (and the year after), we thought we’d throw them in our list.

There are lots of different supplements available, from creatine to whey protein, casein, and many more. You generally drink these mixed with water as a shake, either during or right after your gym session.

This ensures your body is getting all the building blocks it needs to repair muscles and gain mass after you’re done with the weights.

8. Moon Juice

How much more exotic can new health products get than a trip to the moon and back?

Moon Juice contains ‘superherbs’ and ‘supermushrooms’ – among other things. The concoction is designed to nourish the body and contribute to a holistic lifestyle.

The company behind Moon Juice produce a number of other products for your mind and body. Such as ‘spirit dust’, ‘power dust’ and – ahem – ‘sex dust.’ They all use a different blend of ingredients to boost your performance in different areas.

And it supplies a range of superfoods in unadulterated states, such as bee pollen, cacao nibs, and activated almonds.

What Trends Will be Big in 2018?

We think that many of the things on our list will be going strong in 2018 and beyond. So here’s to gains and other successes in the new year.

If you think we’ve missed something or you’d like to talk about the benefits of other fantastic new health products, please leave us a comment. We’d love to chat about it!

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