The Best Affordable Supplements For the Budget BodyBuilder

affordable supplementsIf you want to gain muscle mass, don’t think your efforts at the gym are the only way to get bulky.

A lot of factors pertaining to mass gain actually start at the table.

It’s definitely possible to keep tabs on your diet to make sure you’re getting the correct protein and carbohydrate intake. But, let’s face it — no one is perfect.

There are times when you’re in a rush and stop for fast food. Or, you indulge in alcohol drinking binges and don’t get enough protein in a day.

For these reasons, supplements help bodybuilders know they’re achieving the correct amount of protein and nutrients necessary. Unfortunately, many of these tools to get bulky are expensive.

Here are affordable supplements to buy on a budget.

Take Inexpensive Multivitamins

Yes, these are the multivitamins you get at the drugstore for less than $20, sometimes even cheaper.

But these multivitamins are just as effective as the expensive ones at the specialty health stores. Multivitamins contain between 20 and 30 micronutrients, all of which are essential when engaging in a fitness lifestyle.

Bulking up doesn’t just include consuming vast amounts and types of protein — nutrients such as calcium, zinc, fibre, omega-3 and 6, and all essential vitamins (B-complex, C, D, etc.) contribute to achieving that ideal physique.

If anything, taking a multivitamin is essential to the growth of your muscles and having the vitality to go to the gym all grueling six days a week.


If there’s one supplement all bodybuilders should take, it’s creatine. This is one of the affordable supplements that has been proved to increase muscle mass in bodybuilders and athletes.

If you’re unsure about creatine, it recycles the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which the energy current of the cell.

What does this have to do with your muscles?

It allows your body to endure higher levels of intensity, resulting in gaining muscle mass because you’re able to lift heavier and for longer periods.

When bulking up, your goal is to gain at least five pounds of body mass. This is difficult without the assistance of a product for power.

Since this is a supplement that’s proven to increase muscle mass and is used by athletes, it must be expensive, right? Wrong.

You can get a bottle of creatine supplements (powder or capsule form) for as little as $10. Since creatine naturally occurs in your body (and is advised by health professionals) you only need to use a little bit.

For added energy, combine your creatine with your main source of carbohydrates and whey protein.


This is a given for all weight-lifters: to gain muscle mass and strength, you need protein.

But the best protein source is debated. Experts say animal fats, while others say additional sources of protein are best.

The experts aren’t lying: indulging in animal fats and animal protein (or equivalent for vegetarians/vegans) is imperative when gaining muscle and the cholesterol and saturated fats impact your body more positively than negatively.

Most weight trainers are happy to load up on the bacon and steak after a good workout. But, you also need other factors associated with protein such as amino acids.

The best protein source to guarantee you’re gaining all nine sources of amino acids is whey protein isolates.

Wait – a container of that stuff sounds really expensive. It’s easy to ditch the whey and go straight to the steakhouse.

But, you can easily buy a bottle or bag of whey protein for around $20.


This is an amino acid that draws water and glycogen into muscle cells. In other words, glutamine helps your muscles gain mass.

And glutamine has other benefits, such as serving as an energy source for white blood cells. In case you have no idea about the function of white blood cells, these help to fight disease and sickness.

How much is a bottle of glutamine supplements? You can find a bottle of glutamine capsules for less than $10.


Consuming the required amount of magnesium means you will contract muscle fibre. Because of this, magnesium is proven to enhance high-octane bodybuilding.

The reason why is magnesium’s ability to boost power by improving your energy levels and tackling insomnia.

If you want to add more oomph to your workout, take a ZMA (zinc magnesium aspartate) which assists in recovery aid. These affordable supplements also help you sleep, so it should be go-to for the weight-lifting insomniacs.

Magnesium supplements range in price, but you can buy magnesium capsules for less than $5. The ZMA mentioned previously is around $10 for capsules.


This is a milk protein that’s best taken before bed.

This is the perfect time because it is digested slower than whey. Casein supplies amino acids to your muscles for up to seven hours.

Try to find micellar casein, which is casein in its natural form. This supplement is pretty pricey, but if you shop around you can find a bottle for under $20.

Always check the ingredients for percentages and see how much you need.


Pre-workout gives you a lot of energy, but you may feel jittery.

For increased energy without the shakiness, get in the habit of consuming caffeine.

Caffeine helps to give you a boost during your workouts, but you’ll also increase your metabolic rate. You’ll also lower your chances of getting muscle fatigue, which decreases muscular-contraction strength.

What’s the best way to take in caffeine? Black coffee! Black coffee contains 95-200 mg of caffeine.

Try to not add any excess sugar or flavourings to prevent weight gain. If needed, add cold water or skim milk/substitute to cool off the coffee and take away from the bite.

Not a coffee drinker? You can buy a bottle of caffeine supplements for around $5.

Now You Can Buy Affordable Supplements

More can definitely be less — in this case, more strength for less cost.

Muscle growth doesn’t require you to be rich. As long as you have the education and know the right products, you can easily gain muscle mass on a budget.

If you need additional resources on fitness and nutrition, we have a variety of resources to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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