Guide: The Best Protein Powder for Women

best protein powder for womenWhether you’re an elite athlete, regular gym-goer, or brand new to exercising, protein powder is an essential part of building muscle mass, losing weight, and lowering cholesterol. But did you know protein powder is especially great for women?

Many women don’t have enough protein in their diet to achieve the strength and conditioning results they need, so protein powder can be a great way to address that protein deficit and see results.

Want to see results but not sure which protein powder you should get?

In this article, we’ll cover the best protein powder for women and the many protein powder options available, so you find the best one for you and start seeing results at the gym!

Signs You Need More Protein

The Center for Disease Control recommends that women consume about 46 grams of protein per day, but experts suggest you need to be consuming even more of it you’re an athlete or gym buff. If you’re not eating enough protein, you won’t be able to keep your metabolism up or achieve the results you want.

Here are some signs you’re not consuming enough protein.

You’re Craving Sugary Sweets

Do you often find yourself unable to resist the urge to binge on sweets and sugary things? This craving could be the result of a protein deficiency, which impacts your blood sugar levels and makes you seek out sugary sweets. So, instead of eating healthy things, you’ll be more likely to snack on candy and junk food, which will make you feel sick and heavier.

Your Brain Feels Foggy

Do you often have difficulty concentrating or feel delirious? Well, when you’re ow on protein and your glucose levels are fluctuating, it’s harder for your brain to stay focused because your blood sugar is out of balance.

Not only does this protein deficiency make it harder to work out thoroughly, it can also impact your work performance and sleep levels.

You Feel Weak & Get Sick Constantly

Protein is an essential part of muscle building. If you aren’t consuming enough of it, your muscles will shrink and you’ll find yourself feeling weaker and unable to do certain exercises or athletic activities.

Beyond muscle building, protein is needed to build the compounds in your immune system. So if you’re getting colds or infections regularly, there’s a possibility that your body doesn’t have enough protein in it to protect you from illness.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you should check out the best protein powders for women. They’ll help you in both your day-to-day life and in your fitness efforts!

Best Protein Powders for Women

Choosing the right protein powder isn’t easy. There are many different types of protein powder, and each one has different benefits and drawbacks. In this section, we’ll explain the most common protein powders so you can better understand the best protein powder for women.

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is made from a liquid product of cheese production. It’s high in protein, affordable and available in many delicious flavors. This protein powder is very effective as a post-workout source of protein because your body can quickly digest them, which can help stimulate immediate muscle growth.

It’s important to note, however, that this option isn’t great for people who are lactose intolerant. So, if you get an upset stomach after using whey protein powder, you should try a non-dairy alternative.

Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein powder is another popular protein supplement found in milk. This powder option metabolizes slower than whey, which means you’ll feel fuller for longer and enjoy a steadier release of energy.

This option is a great all-around protein option and can help with muscle recovery if you consume it before you go to bed.

Similar to whey, this option isn’t the friendliest for those who are lactose intolerant.

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder is made from ground hemp seeds. This protein offers vitamin E, iron, fiber, and essential fatty acids your body needs but can’t produce on its own.

Egg Protein Powder

Egg protein powder is a great option that many people don’t know about. It’s digested very slowly, even slower than casein, which means you’ll feel fuller for longer. It also can stimulate muscle growth as effectively as whey protein.

Soy Protein Powder

Soy is one of the more divisive protein options on the market, mostly because of its side effects for men. Soy may have special benefits for women, however, such as reduced risk of heart disease and breast cancer, but there are worries that soy may even stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

So if you’re looking for a protein powder option to take multiple times a day, it may be best to go with another option.

Other Vegan Protein Powder Options

If you don’t deal well with lactose and want to avoid soy, rice protein, pea protein, and plant proteins are some of the best protein powder for women. Pea protein is lactose-and gluten-free powder made from split peas, and it’s a great option for those who want to feel fuller longer.

These options may be lower in amino acids than whey and casein, but they may also be better absorbed by the body, which makes them a smarter choice for certain individuals.

Protein Powder Options for Women

Now that you know the types of protein powder available, you can explore the best protein powder for women. Here are some of our favorite protein powder options.

Raw Organic Protein- Garden of Life

Raw organic protein is a great option for people looking for high-quality organic options. It’s certified organic, non-GMO, and easily digestible, so it’s great for both vegetarians and vegans. It also has no preservatives and contains 13 raw proteins, which makes it a great substitute for whey and milk protein.

100% Whey Gold Standard-Optimum Nutrition

When it comes to whey protein, Whey Gold Standard is the best protein powder for women. It’s made from whey protein isolates, which means it’s high-quality and purer than other options. It also comes in 22 great flavours and size options, so it’s easy to a flavor and size to meet your needs.

Pro Jym

What’s great about Pro Jym is that’s not only whey protein isolate but also egg white protein and milk protein isolate. This drink also has 24 grams of protein in each scoop and no additional amino acids, which helps maximize growth and recovery.

Final Thoughts on the Best Protein Powder for Women

Whether you’re looking to improve muscle mass or just stay more alert in the office, protein powder is a great option! By investing in protein powders and supplements, you’ll achieve the results you want in no time!

What do you think is the best protein powder for women? Know of any options we forgot to include? Let us know in the comments!

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