What are the Best Supplements for Men?

Ironically, in today’s society, we consume an overabundance of food, yet lack the proper nutrition and vitamins essential for a balanced diet.

Perhaps due to our computer age sedentary work environments, fast-paced lifestyles and a wide variety of non-nutritious foods.

To make up for what we lack, we take supplements. But do they really work?

We see men’s supplements everywhere. On grocery shelves. In infomercials. Online. On TV. And in most magazines.

Each advertisement claims to provide you with the vitamins and nutrients you need that will “totally change your life.” But do they work? And if they do, which supplements are the best supplements for men?

To answer this question, we’ve examined a wide variety of nutritional supplements and selected the top supplements that help to improve the most common deficiencies found in men.

So, without further adieu, here are some great supplements.

The Best Supplements for Men

1. Vitamin D Boosts Testosterone

It’s a known fact that both teens and adults have a deficiency in Vitamin D. Did you know that vitamin D raises men’s testosterone levels? Well, it does.

As it follows, common sense would have it that a lack of Vitamin D would contribute to lower testosterone.

The fact is that vitamin D is crucial to the body because low testosterone makes men susceptible to an array of health problems such as low libido, sleep apnea and a lower metabolism to name a few.

Low levels of vitamin D and low testosterone also contribute to heart disease risk and bone density reduction. This occurs when elderly men lose muscle strength, often an effect of low testosterone.

2 Boron: Good for Bones, Brain, and Prostate

You’ll find boron is such foods as almonds, prunes, and raisins. This trace mineral micronutrient improves brain function, bone health, and the immune system.

If you have a low intake of these foods, you could be deficient in boron which can affect these body systems negatively.

In a study, researchers concluded that men whose diets consisted of 1.8 mg or more boron a day had a 52% lower chance of risk of prostate cancer.

3. Magnesium: Helps a Number of Body Functions

Magnesium is a mineral critical to a number of body systems. It’s important for protein synthesis, nerve function, blood glucose levels.

Similar to a vitamin D deficiency, magnesium is a common deficiency and more than half of the population lacks the recommended daily allowance of magnesium.

Foods that contain magnesium include spinach, bananas, black beans, and almonds. Along with consuming foods rich in magnesium, taking magnesium supplements is important.

Studies show that magnesium supplement can raise testosterone blood levels, particularly when combined with an exercise routine.

Other benefits of magnesium include sexual wellness and body strength. The recommended daily allowance of magnesium for men 31 years or older equals 420 milligrams every day and men under 30, 400 milligrams a day.

Other people report feeling better when taking magnesium for constipation, muscle cramps, anxiety and heart palpitations.

Since magnesium supports so many body systems and health issues, you can see why it’s one of the best supplements for men.

4. Omega-3s: Inflammation Fighter

When looking for the best supplements for men, you need Omega-3s. Omega 3’s are polyunsaturated fatty acids that fight inflammation.

To add, they can provide relief from heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and asthma. In some cases, they have lessened the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Omega 3s are key since they help manage the right ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 acids. A lot of men intake inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids from foods.

However, they need to reduce omega 6 and increase omega 3s. A proper balance between the two omegas is needed. Typically, men consume 15 times more omega 6 than omega 3.

If you don’t get enough 1.6 grams omega 3 in foods such as fish, walnuts and flaxseeds, supplements with fish oil is a good alternative.

Make sure to get supplements with fish oils well preserved made by quality manufacturers for the best results.

5. Saw Palmetto Extract: for prostate health

Saw palmetto extract aids in prostate health. These dark berries from a shrub tree served as both a rich source of food and medicine used by the Native Americans long before European settlers arrived in America.

Some of the health uses includes urinary tract problems and reproductive issues. Early data from clinicians conclude that palmetto extract can help to maintain a healthy prostate. However, more recent clinical reports don’t support this claim.

They do conclude that the saw palmetto extract balances hormones that can prevent the prostate from enlarging.

With saw palmetto extract, the process of the formulation is based on the quality of the product, so be sure to obtain it from a reputable supplier that puts out a top quality extract.

The Takeaway on The Best Supplements for Men

In a nutshell, you’ve learned about some great supplements that stimulate brain power, increase performance, improve health and benefit your sex life.

These supplements can strengthen your body, boost testosterone, build muscle mass, repair vitamin and nutrient deficiencies and help defend your body against common health issues that men struggle with.

But as any informed person knows the supplements you need to take should depend on your unique body and health makeup.

Other factors that come into play include your family medical history, your own health issues and your stress levels, activity routine, your diet.

Even caffeine intake and alcohol consumption play a major role. For instance, men who consume alcohol regularly or in excess can be at a high risk of lacking vitamin B.

To add, while these are the most common supplements that benefit men in general, be sure to check with your doctor or nutritionist for any special circumstances related to your personal medical history.

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